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Verdicts & Settlements For Other Areas Of Liability

Estate of College Student v. Bar and Fraternity

Ms. Foran obtained a settlement for a family due to the death of their son. Our underage client was served alcohol at a bar during a fraternity event. Later in the evening, he was struck and killed by a vehicle while attempting to walk home.

Young Woman v. Potbelly’s Bar

We obtained a $30.8 million verdict on behalf of a young woman catastrophically injured by a underage driver who became intoxicated at Potbelly’s. We sued the popular student bar for illegally serving an underage patron.

Elderly Patient v. Physician

Settlement for a patient who committed suicide after mistakenly receiving an Anti-Epileptic drug linked to suicidality. Liability cases involving suicide are very challenging and attorney Donald Hinkle spent a great deal of time working up the case. It is common for patients to receive the wrong medication which often causes catastrophic results.

Patient v. Pharmacy

Trial verdict for a woman who received blood pressure medicine instead of her epileptic drug. As a result, she had a seizure. Donald Hinkle won this pharmacy liability case in trial in Leon County.

Estate v. Lounge and Package Store

An 18-year-old high school student was sold beer at a drive through window of a rural package store. He became intoxicated and crossed the centerline striking our client’s vehicle. Our client was in a chronic vegetative state for many months before eventually succumbing to her injuries. Our investigation determined that the female manager often served minors. The settlements of several million dollars provided for the client’s immediate needs (prior to her death) and the future of her child through the careful use of trusts, guardianships and structure settlements.

Estate v. Liquor Store

An underage drunk driver who ran a stop sign killed our client’s husband. Our investigation identified the source of his alcohol and interviews with other young people proved that the store often sold to minors. The high school cheerleaders testified that they bought beer on game nights while wearing their cheerleading uniforms. The case settled on the eve of trial for more than $1 million.

Plaintiffs v. County Sheriff Office

For seven years, our clients, both husband and wife, operated an outstanding child day care center without any complaints or allegations of improper conduct of any kind. This all changed when a County Sheriff was “too quick on the trigger” and arrested our client on a capital felony, without probable cause, violating his Fourth Amendment rights. Although the prosecutors refused to even file a criminal case against our client, the arrest caused damage and made it impossible for their business to continue. Mr. Hinkle obtained a jury award of $2,000,000. Unfortunately, the jury’s findings were reversed.

Estate of Child v. Water Park

Our client’s child went to a water park with an Aunt. Poor lifeguard supervision allowed the child to drown. A poorly trained lifeguard saw the child on the bottom of the pool but thought he was a towel and made no immediate effort to rescue the boy. A confidential settlement was obtained prior to filing suit.

Driver v. Farmer

Our client sustained a closed head injury after striking a wandering cow in the road. We obtained a settlement in the amount of $525,000.

Plaintiff v. Police Department

Our intoxicated client was in a disturbance with his sister and her son. They had calmed down before the police arrived. After the police asked, “What happened?” the argument started again and our client’s nephew threw a punch. In separating our client from his nephew, the police officers pushed him out the door and forced his head into the ground causing a subluxation of the vertebrae in his neck. Tallahassee personal injury attorney Mr. Hinkle settled the case for insurance policy limits of $500,000.

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