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Product Liability Verdicts & Settlements

Mechanic v. Automobile Manufacturer

Taking on one of the nation’s largest corporations, the Tallahassee lawyers at Hinkle & Foran once again delivered. Our client, a hard working mechanic was working at the corner garage trying to fix a customer’s truck when he asked a co-worker to crank the motor. Unfortunately the standard transmission was in first gear and the vehicle lunged forward severely breaking our client’s leg. Our client received a favorable settlement. Following the settlement of our landmark claim, interlocked transmissions became the standard and few vehicles will now start in gear, the better practice is to require that the driver apply the brake before the car will start. These product improvements have almost certainly prevented serious injuries and saved lives.

Plaintiff v. Lawnmower Manufacturer

Jury verdict of $1,200,000 for a client who sustained burn injuries when his lawn mower ignited during fueling due to a defective mower switch.

Dalkon Shield IUD Litigation

Medical malpractice / Product Liability lawyer Mr. Hinkle represented dozens of women who were victim of this defective intrauterine device which caused pelvic infection and infertility.

L-tryptohphan Drug Litigation

Multiple million-dollar settlements for clients who sustained injury from a contaminated food supplement.

Family v. Defendants

Confidential settlement of $712,500 settlement against several defendants involving the rollover of a pickup truck due to a tire defect.

Client v. Above-Head Conveyor

Our client sustained neck and back injury when a conveyor in a paint shop dropped a heavy tie bar on him when a swivel stuck. Personal injury lawyer Donald Hinkle sued the designer and manufacturer of the product, which was not sold with safety chains. After our client’s injury the owner of the assembly line installed safety chains, an improvement that has almost certainly prevented serious injuries and saved lives.

Estate v. Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Our client “jump-started” a large logging tractor while it was in gear – causing the machine to move forward and crush him to death. As a result of our case the manufacturer recalled all the machines and installed a safety switch that has almost certainly presented injuries and saved lives.

Truck Driver v. In-ground Conveyor

Our client was a truck driver at a lumber manufacturing facility when he stepped into an unguarded conveyor that was used to move chips. A confidential settlement was obtained.

Cleint v. Agriculture Machine Company

Mr. Hinkle‘s client sustained a serious leg injury while exiting a “skid-steer” loader. We contended the hydraulics should not operate unless the operator is secure in the driver’s seat, as a result the case settled.

Minor Child v. Lighter Fluid Manufacturer

A curious 4-year-old was naturally attracted to the smoldering barbeque pit next door that had been left unattended. He was apparently squirting the remnants of lighter fluid on the hot coals when the coals ignited causing a “flash back” into the container. The exploding container dumped fuel on the child causing second and third degree burns to his body. The Defendant, like most lighter-fluid manufacturers, failed to include a small screen in the container lid to prevent a “flash back”. The cost of the screen would be about 1 cent per container. The Defendant denied having considered a spark-arresting screen, but decades of old documents disputed this. Fortunately, our client healed very well and there were minimal future medical expenses. Shriners Hospital refused to seek reimbursement or charge for their services. The minor’s claim for pain, suffering and disfigurement was settled following extensive mediation for $750,000.

Plaintiff v. Agriculture Machine Company

A client of personal injury lawyer Donald Hinkle was working on a logging operation, cutting logs intended to be used as telephone poles, during a rain shower. A co-worker, operating a crane-type loader, dropped a load of stumps and debris on our client causing a severe neck injury. Because of immunity created under the worker’s compensation laws, the firm was not able to sue the co-worker. Tallahassee lawyer Donald Hinkle sued the manufacturer of the log loader due to fogging of the loader’s side windows. After a very lengthy and hotly disputed mediation, the case settled, allowing the client to secure an accessible residence and live independently.

Estate v. Automobile Company

Our client’s wife burned to death in her vehicle. Accident reconstruction showed that the fire was fueled by an electric fuel pump, which continued to operate post-collision. The Automobile Company vigorously contested all issues. Prior to trial, the client accepted a significant settlement which included structured payments for the children. Most cars with electric fuel pumps now have inertia cut-off switches that cause pumps shut down in a collision preventing this type of tragedy.

Plaintiff v. Defendant

A young entrepreneur and mother of three was severely injured as a result of defective product. Product liability settlement was in the amount of $815,000.

Automobile Crashworthiness Litigation

Numerous confidential settlements with car manufactures for defective design or defective manufacture of their vehicles. The settlement agreements prohibit us from disclosing the nature of the defect.

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