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Premises Liability Verdicts & Settlements

Family v. Contractor

Residential fire due to incomplete construction which allowed for a gas leak. $1,200,000 settlement.

College Student v. University

Our client was injured in a fall from his dorm as he followed a school tradition of climbing up the outside of the staircase. We admitted that he was comparatively at fault. Mr. Hinkle, Ms. Foran and Mr. David Frank worked together to obtain a jury verdict totally apportioning liability and awarding damages of $5,000,000. Whether the State could be held responsible for its negligence was the subject of an appeal and the First District Court of Appeal reversed the jury’s verdict and declared the State immune from liability.

Teenage Driver v. Pool Liner Manufacturers

Significant settlement for a young man who suffered a spinal cord injury after he dove into a neighbor’s pool. The pool bottom has a “pebble” pattern that camouflaged the “break point” between shallow and deep. Although our client had been in the pool many times (and watched it being built) we used experts on vision and judgment to show that the design was a dangerous trap for a teenage boy.

Swimmer v. Homeowner

Jury verdict of almost $1,000,000 for a neck injury sustained by a client who dove off a dock into deceptively shallow water.

Plaintiff v. Oil Company

Our client was beaten because the service station where he worked did not have adequate security measures. The regional oil company had the contractual right, and thus the duty, to make improvements to the premises. The jury returned a verdict of $1,000,000. The location was immediately shut down but has now reopened with adequate lighting and appropriate security.

College Student v. Fraternity Brother

Our client was kicked in the groin by a fraternity brother. After a jury trial established insurance coverage under the defendant’s parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy, the case settled.

Client v. Oil Company

Jury verdict of $1,000,000 for client who sustained a head injury during a late night robbery of a gas station. The station did not have adequate security measures.

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