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Motor Vehicle Negligence Verdicts & Settlements

Client v. Trucking Company

Confidential settlement for a client who lost his leg as a result of a collision with a semi-tractor trailer on a rural road at night. The truck ran into the car which was traveling slowly, and should have been avoided. Semi-tractor trailer accidents are particularly bad because they can cause catastrophic injuries. Even though it was a glancing blow to the car, because it was a tractor-trailer, our client lost his leg. Attorney Lisa Foran provided a lifetime of benefits for her client.

Jung v. Lake Jackson Pizza Et. Al.

At the conclusion of trial, Tallahassee personal injury attorney Mr. Hinkle obtained a $22,500,000 judgment on behalf of his client, a brain injured infant. The defendant’s employee ran a red light while returning from a pizza delivery.

H.J. v. at Fault Driver and UM Insurer

Ankle injury settled for a total of $513,000.

Individual v. Insurance Company

Rear-end collision by Deputy Sherriff, resulting in neck fusion surgery. Settlement of $230,000.

de los Santos v. Big Daddy Trucking, et al

Wrongful death claims for migrant workers killed in truck versus van collision. Settlements total $1,200,000.

Individual v. Insurance Company

Settlement of $525,000 in a case involving a $50,000 policy when the insurance carrier failed to settle when it could and should have done so.

Individual v. Insurance Company

Settlement of $5,500,000 with an insurance company who had issued a $50,000 policy. Insurance company failed to settle the case when it could and should have done so resulting in excess award against their insured.

C.E. v. Shelton Trucking, Inc.

This was a classic “night time underride case” in which our client crashed into the trailer of a semi-truck, which had pulled out and turned left. The headlights of the truck were fully in the opposite lane, but the bed of the truck remained across the highway hidden by the bright lights on the cab. Our client sustained fractured vertebrae and various other injuries resulting in structured settlement that provided him working capital to begin his life anew with a lifetime annuity.

Estate of C.M. v. Atlanta Casualty

A teenage driver insured by Atlanta Casualty ran a stop sign resulting in the tragic death of young C.M., an elementary school student on her way to school. The insurance company failed to timely respond to a demand for policy limits and the case proceeded to litigation. Although the insurance company contended that it was not in bad faith because the demand letter was routed to a property adjustor and there was insufficient time to respond, a substantial but confidential settlement many times policy limits was achieved prior to trial.

L.B. v. Peele

The defendant ran a red light striking our client who suffered a fractured leg and diffuse axonal injury with mild cognitive deficits. After a hard fought trial, the jury returned a verdict of $724,502.

Estate v. McCaffery

Policy limits of $750,000 settlement in semi-tractor-trailer accident resulting in wrongful death. The flatbed trailer failed to have proper reflective tape down the side to alert motorists that it was crossing the road in the dark. As a result of this and other cases eventually the federal government required such tape and it became standard practice, thus saving lives and preventing injury.

E.F.G. v. Durden

A teenage drunk driver crossed the centerline and struck our client’s vehicle head-on, causing neurological deficits. A vigorous work-up and presentation of the case resulted in a settlement for $1,500,000.

M.E. v. Replacement Rent-A-Car

An automobile accident in which our client was hit broadside by a speeding car. Injuries from the car accident included a severe closed head injury and surgery around the eye socket. The jury awarded the $1,337,000.

Estate v. School Board

Settlement of $1,000,000 awarded on behalf of the family of a driver who was killed by a school bus driver that ran a stop sign.

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