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Tallahassee Medication Error Attorneys

Prescription Medications Can Be Dangerous When Mistakes Are Made

As a patient, you know you will be given medications, delivered orally or intravenously, while in the hospital or when you are sick. When those medications are incorrect or aren’t given at the right time, it can result in your condition worsening or cause death. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a medication error, our Tallahassee lawyers will pursue compensation from all liable parties.

At Hinkle & Foran, we have seen the harm that medication errors can cause. Our clients’ loved ones have died from receiving the wrong medication, the wrong dose, the wrong method (intravenous instead of intramuscular), the wrong patient and the wrong frequency of dose. We have handled two cases where the patient control analgesia machine was incorrectly programmed — an inexcusable error.

Our law firm is well-known in Florida for resolving complex medical malpractice cases and drug error cases. We have the skill, the experience and the resources to pursue every case we accept to a suitable close. Our firm’s small size means your case is always handled by one of our named attorneys. We pride ourselves on having many satisfied clients, and other lawyers refer cases to us.

Do No Harm

This is part of the Hippocratic oath that all doctors and many other medical professionals take, swearing to practice medicine honestly. Unfortunately, there is a culture within the medical establishment of not admitting to mistakes when they are made. This results in potentially serious harm to patients, especially when medications are involved. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, hospitals, clinics and urgent care facilities make medication errors on a regular basis.

Common medication errors include:

  • Incorrect medication
  • Incorrect dose
  • Wrong time
  • Wrong patient
  • Drug interactions
  • Allergic reactions
  • Pharmacy errors

We review all of your medical records and consult with medical experts as to how the negligence occurred and how it will affect the rest of your life. All of our cases are prepared for trial, even though the majority of them are resolved prior to going to court.

Whether your problem is the result of a medication given in a hospital or a pharmacy error, we will pursue compensation on your behalf and work to see that this error never happens again to anyone else.

You Shouldn’t Suffer Because Of A Mistake Someone Tried To Cover Up

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All cases are taken on a contingency basis, so you pay nothing unless your case is successfully resolved.

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