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Tallahassee Attorneys For Vaginal Birth After C-Sections

There Is No Excuse Under The Current State Of Medicine For Anyone To Suffer A VBAC Injury

Women who have had cesarean sections may want to try again for a “natural” birth. These births must be very closely monitored, and the baby should be rescued the instant there are signs of fetal distress. When doctors and delivery teams miss these important signals, your baby’s life is at risk. If your child suffered an injury during a vaginal birth after a C-section (VBAC), our Tallahassee lawyers have the experience and knowledge to prove liability in your case.

The law firm of Hinkle & Foran is well-known throughout Florida for its reputation of successfully resolving complex medical malpractice cases, and we have pioneered work in this area. We have worked hard to earn that reputation, as evidenced by our extensive list of verdicts and settlements. Other lawyers refer cases to us because they know that we will treat their clients properly and give their clients attention and quality customer service as we pursue compensation for the harm done to them and their children.

Warning Signs That Should Not Be Ignored

Fetal distress is a common issue in VBAC cases because it is often missed by the attending doctor and nurses. Fetal heart monitoring reflects how the baby is doing. Frequently, there are signs of impending disaster that are all too often ignored. As soon as the providers see fetal distress, arrangements must be started to safely deliver the baby. The failure to deliver the baby by C-section can cause catastrophic injury, including hypoxic brain damage and death.

Our attorneys will review all of your medical records and consult with medical professionals to determine where the mistake occurred and how it can be considered negligent.

Even though the majority of our cases never go to trial, we prepare all of them to go in front of a judge. This can potentially put us in a better position during negotiations. Our firm has the resources and the trial experience to see your case through to a conclusion that meets your satisfaction.

Your Child Shouldn’t Suffer Because Of Someone Else’s Negligence

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All cases are taken on a contingency basis, so you pay nothing unless your case is successfully resolved.

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