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What Happens After You Hire Us

Hiring Hinkle & Foran to handle your catastrophic injury or death case involves signing several documents, including authorizations that allow us to gather your medical records and other key documents. Depending on the type of case, we will start gathering your medical records, have investigators interview key witnesses, gather the results of other investigations and often search for other similar cases around the country.

If the case involves a catastrophic injury, we often have our clients evaluated by rehabilitation doctors, life care planners and, where appropriate, psychologists or psychiatrists. We want to gather the evidence needed to maximize their recovery and prepare for the discovery we must provide the opposing party.

It may take several weeks for others to provide us records or complete their review and analysis, but eventually we are ready to notify the potential defendants of our representation and present your claim. We will obtain insurance and other information from the potential defendant.

Sometimes the circumstances are such that an early settlement is appropriate and we will make a demand. Sometimes there is additional information we need, or your injuries have not matured, and we push forward without making a settlement effort. These are decisions that have to be made case by case.

Eventually, if the case does not settle early, we are at the point of filing a lawsuit. Once we file, there will be a period of “discovery” during which the parties must exchange information. Most cases settle at mediation. If your does not, we will move forward towards at trial date.

If at some point we settle, there will be an accounting of all our costs and expenses and any outstanding liens or promises to pay others. We will draft a closing statement with all the financial details of the case. You will review the closing statement, and if all is right we will distribute the settlement proceeds as directed.

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All cases are taken on contingency so you don’t pay a fee unless you are compensated.