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Associated Counsel — Home And Away

Most of our cases are referred by other lawyers. We accept and encourage referrals, sharing responsibility and fees in accordance with ethical guidelines that provide for the associating attorney to receive up to 25 percent of the fee. Many referring attorneys are local lawyers who are not experts in catastrophic injury cases, medical malpractice or product liability. Others are from out of state and need a Florida lawyer to handle the Florida injury or death case.

Regardless of why, the referral fee process allows and encourages lawyers who have a relationship with a client to bring in Hinkle & Foran, lawyers who have the experience and resources to handle the catastrophic injury or death case. We can handle the case while the referring attorney remains involved to be supportive of the client and available for consultation.

Likewise, if you have an out-of-state case or a matter that does not involve catastrophic injury or death, Hinkle & Foran would be happy to assist by making a referral to another firm better situated to handle your claim. We have referred cases from California to New York and all points in between.

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All cases are taken on contingency so you don’t pay a fee unless you are compensated.