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Ask Tallahassee Lawyers Hinkle & Foran

Check back here periodically as the principals of our firm answer commonly asked questions.

Q: Why do you work so often with the more serious cases?

DON: I think every attorney wants to focus on areas where they feel they can be the most successful. For Hinkle & Foran, that continues to be the more serious and complex medical malpractice, wrongful death, car accident, trucking accident and other personal injury cases. We know how to work them up and we have the resources to battle a case out for as long as it takes.

LISA: When the stakes are high, that’s when Hinkle & Foran is likely to get calls from referring attorneys and clients who have heard about our reputation. Clearly, if you look at our verdicts and settlements you can see we have a track record of which we’re very proud.

Q: Most firms that focus on large cases are large firms. Hinkle & Foran is purposely small. Why is that?

LISA: One of the things clients most appreciate about our Tallahassee firm is access to the practice’s named partners on a 1-to-1 basis. It’s simply not practical to work that way at larger firms. Don and I believe very strongly that being able to work closely with clients and keep them informed throughout the process leads to a better result. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

DON: An important difference to keep in mind is that although many smaller firms may offer personal attention, they often do not have the financial wherewithal and expertise needed for more serious and complex cases or the ability to stick it out for the long haul. At Hinkle & Foran we do.

Q: If you had to give one single reason why I should choose your Tallahassee firm, what would it be?

DON: We didn’t build our reputation with slick marketing or public relations campaigns. We don’t sponsor high profile sporting events. Clients come to us because of our reputation regarding the more serious and complex medical malpractice, wrongful death, car accident, trucking accident and other personal injury cases. They come because of what we’ve done in the past, the integrity we bring to the profession and the ability to help clients get the full compensation to which they are entitled.

LISA: It’s true. Advertising gets firms one-time clients but we believe only skill, passion for the law and achieving verdicts and settlements can get clients to recommend you to friends, coworkers and loved ones. It’s the only reason a referring attorney will send you a client when his or her reputation is on the line. Doing the work we do is what earns us more clients.

Q. What is the fee?

DON: There is no cost to you unless we recover for your losses, the fees are a percentage of the recovery.

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