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About Us

“I’m Not The Kind Of Person Who Sues”

This is the most common thing we hear from our clients. However, so many of them are left in positions where they are in constant pain after a botched surgery or cannot pay their bills after a catastrophic auto accident. Many people come to us not knowing what really happened and needing experienced lawyers to investigate on their behalf.

At Hinkle & Foran, we understand how you feel. Challenging the status quo can be frightening, especially when you are already feeling financially unstable. Having the right lawyer to guide you through the process can make all the difference. The personal attention we give all of our clients — combined with our experience and skill at successfully resolving medical malpractice, serious personal injury and product defect cases — has made us the right choice for many people in Tallahassee and all over Florida. Other attorneys frequently refer their more complex cases to us because of our reputation.

We Will Help You Find The Answers

For many of our clients, they want to understand what has happened to them and why. Why did the doctor miss that important indicator in their blood test that would have caught this disease in time to prevent it from becoming fatal? Why won’t the insurance company pay all of my medical bills? Part of what we do is help you find the answers to these questions. Once we know what’s going on, we can assess the level of liability and pursue your case.

Every case we accept is prepared for trial. This gives us the time and focus to find all of the important details to present to the opposition, or to a judge, to convince them that you are the victim of negligence and should be treated fairly. If your case does end up in court, all of our preparation puts us in the best position to bring everything to a positive resolution.

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It seems like everything is stacked against the individual in our system. Let us help you re-establish the correct balance. Call us at 850-205-2055 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

All cases are taken on a contingency basis so you pay nothing unless your case is successfully resolved.

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All cases are taken on contingency so you don’t pay a fee unless you are compensated.