Medical Malpractice Verdicts & Settlements

Minor Child v. OB/GYN

An excited mother-to-be visited a doctor to whom she entrusted her own care and the well-being of her baby boy. Little did she know that during a brief fling shortly after her first marriage ended, she had been infected with HIV. She was soon married again and had no idea she was HIV positive. Because it wasn't "standard procedure" with OB/GYNs at the time, the doctor didn't test the mother for HIV. Therefore she wasn't treated and as a result her newborn baby contracted this horrific virus and developed AIDS. A family member who was an attorney referred the mother to Tallahassee medical malpractice lawyers Hinkle & Foran.

Estate of J.H.: Confidential Settlement

The combination of a family physician's poor examination, unresponsive staff, and a radiologist who failed to recognize evolving pathology resulted in our client's husband not receiving a timely diagnosis and treatment of his stroke. As a result of this medical malpractice, he died. The Tallahassee law firm of Hinkle & Foran was able to obtain a $1,350,000 wrongful death settlement for the surviving widow, an amount limited by the low insurance limits.

Estate v. Urgent Care Facility

Our client's young wife went to a walk-in medical clinic with a severe ear infection and early indications of meningitis. The doctor failed to diagnose her condition or give proper follow-up instructions. The condition worsened and she died. Our investigation proved that the physician conducted a very brief and incomplete examination, and then tried to cover-up her medical malpractice by altering the medical records. A former FBI investigator examined the chart and found evidence of late alterations and additions. Tallahassee lawyers Don Hinkle and Lisa Foran reached a confidential settlement.

Estate v. HMO

Our client's husband went to his family physician on a Tuesday morning with classic signs of a possible heart attack. A cardiac referral was made but scheduled for Thursday. He died of a heart attack Wednesday evening. We alleged an early referral would have allowed for treatment and our client's husband would not have died. The case settled on the eve of trial for a confidential sum.

Estate v. Hospital

Confidential settlement where the hospital nurse injected medication into a vein, instead of a muscle, causing our client's husband's death.

Estate v. Hospital

Confidential settlement where the hospital nurse injected the wrong medication into the patient causing death.

Estate v. Hospital

Confidential settlement where the hospital nurse administered the wrong dose of medication to the patient resulting in his immediate death.

C.V. v. Hospital Pharmacy and Doctor

Confidential settlement where poor handwriting and miscommunication resulted in an overdose of chemotherapy causing deafness.

Estate v. Rural Hospital

Confidential settlement where the hospital nurses failed to identify postoperative bleeding and the elderly patient died.

Estate v. Urban Hospital

Confidential settlement where the hospital nurses failed to identify postoperative bleeding and the patient died.

P.B. v. Residency Program

Confidential $3,000,000 settlement for serious injuries caused by a negligent resident.

Estate v. Hospital

Confidential $2,000,000 settlement of a missed heart attack case.

Z.W. v. Multiple Defendants

A total judgment and settlement of $3,375,000 on behalf of a woman who sustained a partial spinal cord injury during surgery.

Estate of H. v. Physician and Radiologist

Confidential settlement of $1,350,000 for the survivors of a fifty year old male who died when physicians failed to diagnose a stroke.

Estate v. Emergency Room Physician and
Nurse Practitioner

Wrongful death settlement of $700,000 as a result of a misdiagnosed heart attack.

J.B. v. Physicians

Our client suffered intracranial bleeding due to excess Coumadin. The Tallahassee law firm of Hinkle & Foran later obtained a confidential settlement.

Minor Child v. Physician

Confidential settlement of $4,250,000 in a case involving a child with cerebral palsy.

Estate of W. v. Hospital and Physicians

Confidential settlement of $2,000,000 for the family of a woman who died when doctors failed to diagnose a Group A Strep infection.

Estate of C.H. v. Fitzgerald and Tallahassee
Community Hospital

Confidential settlement of a medical negligence claim involving the failure to timely treat an arteriovenous malformation. The delays resulted in the death of the clients' teenage son.

J.H.B. v. Confidential Physician / Hospital

Our allegations of birth-related negligence resulted in a significant settlement in this unyielding malpractice claim.

VBAC: Ruptured Uterus

Medical Arbitration Award: $1,504,010 for the wrongful death of an infant due to a failure to properly monitor an attempted vaginal birth after a prior Cesarean delivery.

Confidential Settlement in Infection Case

Infectious disease malpractice, policy limits settlement for failure to properly treat endocarditis.

Estate of K.C. v. Confidential Defendants

Although the decedent was sedated prior to a MRI procedure, she was not monitored. She suffered irreversible brain damage and died nine days later. Tallahassee medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyer Ms. Foran obtained a confidential settlement.

Monk v. Doctor's Memorial

An emergency room physician failed to timely diagnose a pneumothorax caused by broken ribs sustained in an automobile accident. The ribs tore a small hole in the lung, building up pressure on the heart and other organs. Although easily treated by insertion of a small tube or needle into the chest to relieve the pressure, the doctor failed to perform this basic measure and the patient died. A confidential settlement was obtained by the Tallahassee law firm of Hinkle & Foran.

E.M. v. Doctor's Memorial

A policy limits settlement for a client who suffered neurological damage when emergency room physician failed to promptly treat an asthma attack.

Fogg v. U.S.A.

Our 11-year-old client fell while playing soccer and sustained a slipped capital femoral epiphysis, which is the most common hip injury in adolescence. Unfortunately, the Air Force physicians did not diagnose her injury and as a result, surgery was required to correct the misalignment of her hip. Medical malpractice attorney Ms. Foran was able to settle the case for $400,000.

A.M. v. Confidential Defendants

The doctor's failure to perform a Caesarian section resulted in severe brachial plexus injury that left our client with limited mobility and sensation in his arm and hand. Medical malpractice and wrongful death attorney Ms. Foran obtained a confidential settlement.

J.F. v. Confidential Defendant

Personal injury lawyer Ms. Foran negotiated a confidential settlement for our client who sustained injuries due to negligent dental treatment.

D.W. v. Anesthesiologist

The failure to immediately re-establish an airway following extubation left our client brain damaged. Medical malpractice and wrongful death attorney Mr. Hinkle settled the case for $2,850,000.

R.G. v. Physicians

Our 23-year-old client was a physically active and attractive person. One evening she and her friends were headed to Sarasota to go dancing when an automobile pulled in their path. She was diagnosed with a tear to the posterior cruciate ligament. During this routine surgery a vein behind her knee was cut resulting in compartment syndrome. Settlements from the doctors, hospital, automobile driver and automobile manufacturer (seatbelt design issue) totaled $1,762,500.

Estate of L. v. Regional Hospital

Our client was experiencing swelling in his throat after surgery and emergency help was summoned. Unfortunately, the hospital paging system had quit working and no one had noticed. Eventually an emergency room physician was called to the patient's room only to discover that the tracheotomy kit was missing a scalpel. The physician used a pocketknife to attempt a tracheotomy but by the time an airway was established the patient had suffered severe brain damage and ultimately died a wrongful death.

Child's Estate v. Rural Hospital

We represented the family of a 10-year-old girl who died from medical malpractice. A confidential $1,750,000 settlement was reached before trial.

McMillian v. Hospital

Jury verdict and subsequent settlement for $800,000 for client who suffered below knee amputation due to delay in treatment of a rattlesnake bite. This was a record verdict in the rural county.